Obtain Trademark Protection in Denver and Fort Collins, CO

Obtain Trademark Protection in Denver and Fort Collins, CO

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When it comes to the identity and character of your business enterprise, nothing is more fundamental—or more fundamentally open to abuse—than your trademark.

A federally registered trademark protects words and/or logos associated with products or services to identify their source in the marketplace.

To register a trademark, The first step is a search. This may be conducted by the client on the Internet or a search and opinion may be done by a qualified patent and trademark attorney, such as those employed by Lewis & Rost in Greenwood Village and Fort Collins, CO.

If the search is favorable and there has been use in interstate commerce, then a Federal application for registration may be filed. If there has not been use in interstate commerce, an intent-to-use application may be filed.

There are initial costs for preparation and prosecution of the application, depending on what action is taken by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Once this office approves the mark, it is published for opposition. Anyone can oppose the mark based on likelihood of confusion in the marketplace with their previously used mark, even though their mark is not Federally registered.

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