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Protect your intellectual property rights in Denver and Fort Collins, CO

Rely on the experienced patent lawyers at Lewis & Rost in Greenwood Village, Denver and Fort Collins

You've worked hard to develop your original electronic, mechanical, chemical or software-related product or process. Protect the fruits of your labor from infringement by consulting with an intellectual property law firm in Colorado that's dedicated to keeping our clients' creations exclusively theirs.

Our firm's patent attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience practicing in the field of patent law, trademark law and international patents.

Ensure that the quality and commercial viability of your design are legally protected

It is only through the patent process that competitors can be prevented from duplicating your original materials, selling them as their own and potentially degrading their value in the marketplace. And only registered patent lawyers can work to give your intellectual property the ironclad legal protection it needs.

Lewis & Rost have been practicing intellectual property law in Denver for over 35 years. With experience like that, you can count on their diligence and expertise when it comes to protecting and preserving your investment in creativity and technological advancement.

Local Greenwood Village, Denver and Fort Collins representation for global patent protection

The scope of Lewis & Rost's intellectual property practice is global – we maintain close ties with associates around the world who can file your patents overseas to prevent foreign infringement on your designs. While there is currently no such thing as an international patent, our network of legal confidantes across the globe are the next best thing.

If you have questions about your intellectual property protection options and would like to know what Colorado patent attorneys such as Lewis & Rost can do for you, please don't hesitate to call us at our Greenwood Village location, 720-528-8863, or our Fort Collins location, 970-482-2841. Your initial consultation is free.

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Greenwood Village Location

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