Protect the Fruits of Your Intellectual Labor from Infringement

Protect the Fruits of Your Intellectual Labor from Infringement

Enlist the services of registered patent lawyers serving Denver and Fort Collins, CO

Does your work qualify for legal protection as provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

It may help to understand the legal definition of a patent before consulting with Denver, CO patent attorneys in regard to your original work.

A patent protects a process, machine, manufacture, apparatus or composition of matter or improvement thereof.

To file a patent, the first step is to write down the ideas and have them witnessed, signed and dated.

The next step involves a search.

The inventor may want to conduct a preliminary search on the Internet or at a larger city public library. A search conducted in the U.S. Patent Office is usually done through a patent attorney such as those employed at Lewis & Rost in Greenwood Village and Fort Collins CO. The patent attorney will render an opinion as to the advisability of filing the patent application.

If favorable, a patent application is usually prepared and filed by the patent attorney. A patent application must be filed in the name of the inventor. A design or utility patent application—or both—may be filed. In addition to the expenses of filing the application there are prosecution costs and a final issue fee. Maintenance fees are paid after the patent is issued to maintain the patent in effect.

An alternative to filing a regular utility patent application is filing a provisional application for which a filing date is received; but this application automatically becomes abandoned 12 months from the filing date. A regular application must be filed before that anniversary date.

While the patent process may seem complicated, experienced patent lawyers such as those at Lewis & Rost in Colorado can cut through the fog and see your intellectual property through to protected shores. Call our office today to find out more or schedule a consultation: 720-528-8863 (Greenwood Village) or 970-482-2841 (Fort Collins).